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Every home in the highlighted area receives The Tonbridge Advertiser.

Royal Mail are contracted to deliver to every home in Tonbridge and Hildenborough. This covers the TN9 1, TN9 2, TN10 3, TN10 4 and TN11 9 postcodes. Unlike other publications, we include all of the new build homes in our delivery area as Royal Mail automatically include any new homes that crop up within these postcodes.

A Brief History

What started out as a need to find affordable and reliable advertising for her Husband's business, Katherine Burton spoke with all the local businesses and tradespeople she could.

She needed to find out exactly what they wanted from their advertising.

Next, was to find out what readers wanted in their FREE local directory.

What they wanted didn't exist anywhere in Sevenoaks; a perfect mix of affordable advertising, truely local events and intriguing articles.

The Sevenoaks Advertiser was born and first hit the door mats in December 2010. Since then, The Advertiser has grown in to a Sevenoaks household name.

After moving to Tonbridge and finding the same problem of no reliable advertising, The Tonbridge Advertiser was born in 2017!

Production Method

From our Tunbridge Wells office, we combine our client's adverts with themed articles, local events, trivia and puzzles that produce a delightful page turner.

All work is done in-house; from the initial design of artwork to the article research and photography. This way we ensure the quality of every piece of content.

Printing and Distribution

The Sevenoaks Advertiser and The Tonbridge Advertiser come to life on an industrial printing press. This ensures consistent quality time and time again.

The magazines are then sent directly to Royal Mail, who combine them with every household's post and deliver them to 17,400 Tonbridge and Hildenborough homes every month. Unlike leaflet drops, The Tonbridge Advertiser is not put through the letterbox with a group of nuisance leaflets which most likely end up straight in the bin. Because the delivery happens along with people's every day post, the magazine is picked up and read by our readers.


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